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Searching for homes for sale can be a time consuming task. Many home buyers will eventually use the services of a real estate agent to assist them with buying a home. 

Below is some information to help you when selecting a realtor and shopping for a home.

Understanding the Role of a Realtor

Frequently, the first person you consult about buying a home is a real estate agent or broker. Although real estate brokers provide helpful advice on many aspects of home buying, they may serve the interests of the seller, and not your interests as the buyer.  

The most common practice is for the seller to hire the broker to find someone who will be willing to buy the home on terms and conditions that are acceptable to the seller.

Therefore, the real estate broker you are dealing with may also represent the seller.

However, you can hire your own realtor, known as a buyer’s broker, to represent your interests.

Also, in some states, agents and brokers are allowed to represent both buyer and seller.

Even if the realtor represents the seller, state real estate licensing laws usually require that the broker treat you fairly. If you have any questions concerning the behavior of an agent or broker, you should contact your State’s Real Estate Commission or licensing department.

Sometimes, the real estate broker will offer to help you obtain a mortgage loan. He or she may also recommend that you deal with a particular lender, title company, attorney or settlement/closing agent. You are not required to follow the real estate broker’s recommendation. You should compare the costs and services offered by other providers with those recommended by the real estate broker.

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Next you should research available mortgages to finance your home purchase.

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